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Petersen Law provides tax planning services, representation in tax controversies, assistance with tax debt resolution, estate planning, probate and trust administration. Please click here for our List of Services

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Why is Estate Planning Needed if the Estate Tax Exemption is Over $11 Million?

Estate planning involves far more than just avoiding estate taxes. Estate planning is needed while you are alive, not just upon death. It is needed for the young, the elderly, single and married individuals.


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We work with our clients to develop estate plans that are unique to them and that carry out their goals and wishes. We explain your options and design your plan around your goals. For those who need help with tax planning, past due taxes, tax controversy work, probate or trust administration, we are caring, compassionate and competent. With solid planning, you can have peace of mind for generations to come.


We cannot say enough good things about all that Debbie and Anne did for us. The day we were scheduled to sign our estate planning documents at Debbie’s office, Eldon was admitted to the hospital for an emergency surgery. As soon as I called Debbie, she and Anne drove to the hospital so that Eldon could sign his documents before going into surgery. I was blown away, and so thankful. They had gone above and beyond to take care of us and we will never forget that.

Erna and EldonOrangevale, CA