Speaking Engagements

Petersen Law Presentations
Spidell Webinar, March 2012, “FBAR and FATCA: Critical Tax Season Update”
Spidell Fall Update Seminars, November 2011 to January 2012, California Topics
Spidell Seminars, October 2011 to November 2011, “Estate Planning for 2010-2013”
Spidell Webinar, May 2011, “Offshore Voluntary Compliance Initiative”
Cyber Institute, January 2011, “2011 Federal and California Tax Update for Businesses.”
Spidell Fall Update Seminars, November 2010 to January 2011, California Topics
Spidell Webinar, May 2010, “Foreign Bank Account Report: What you need to know”
Petersen on Money, KFBK, December 2009, “Estate Planning Pitfalls”
2009 Annual Meeting of the California Tax Bar and the California Tax Policy Conference, November 2009, “The Anatomy of a Tax Shelter Case: Following the Administrative Trail through the IRS and the FTB”
Petersen on Money, KFBK, October 2009, “Petersen Law”
Presentations while at the Franchise Tax Board
CPA Foundation 2008 Tax Update and Planning Conference, November 2008, “Practice/Controversy: Abusive Tax Shelters Update”
Stanford Law School Closing the Tax Gap, November 2008, “International Transactions and Tax Shelters”
Petersen on Money, KFBK, March 2008, “Ready Return”
Multistate Tax Commission, Attorney Teleconference, January 2008
Petersen on Money, KFBK, December 2007, “Tax Shelters”
2007 Annual Meeting of the California Tax Bar and the California Tax Policy Conference, November 2007, “Out of Settlement and into the Litigation Fire: The Latest in the Tax Shelter Wars”
Georgetown CLE Advanced State and Local Tax Institute, May 2007, “Update on State Rules Designed to Curb Perceived Abusive Tax Shelter Transactions”
UC Berkeley Extension Tax Controversies: A Day with the Government May 2007, “California Taxes: An Update on Enforcement Priorities”
California Society of CPAs Committee on Taxation FTB Liaison Meeting, October 2005, “Abusive Tax Shelters Update”
12th Annual Paul J. Hartman State and Local Tax Forum, October 2005, “Tax Shelters and Disclosure” and “Tax Amnesties: Compliance, Coercion or Capitulation”

2005 Annual Meeting of the California Tax Bars and the California Tax Policy Conference, October 2005, “Tax Enforcement: Shelters, Amnesty and Everything In-Between”
Federation of Tax Administrators Compliance Workshop, March 2005, “Emerging Issues in Abusive Transactions” and “Abusive Tax Shelters: What Happens after a Voluntary Compliance Initiative”
USC Law School 2005 Tax Institute, January 2005, “Current Developments in Federal and California Tax Enforcement”
2004 Annual Meeting of the California Tax Bars and California Tax Policy Conference, November 2004, “Detecting, Analyzing, and Reporting Abusive and Potentially Abusive Transactions” and “Defense of Structured Transactions under the Spotlight”
California Society of CPAs Committee on Taxation FTB Liaison Meeting, October 2004
UCLA Extension 2004 Annual Tax Controversy Institute, October 2004, “The Revised Administrative Audit Process: A Model of Efficiency and Success”
Multistate Tax Commission Annual Conference, July 2004, “Abusive Tax Shelters: What they look like and how to find them”
FTB Advisory Board, May 2004, “California Voluntary Compliance Initiative Program”
Committee on State Taxation, April 2004, “California Abusive Tax Shelter Legislation and Compliance Program”
Tax Shelter Symposium for the States, August 2004, “State Only Tax Shelters”
Testimony before the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Taxation, November 2003, “U.S. Tax Shelter Industry: The Role of Accountants, Lawyers, and Financial Professionals”
Various presentations about abusive tax avoidance transactions to federal and other state tax agencies including:

  • IRS Chief Counsel Don Korb (June 2005)

  • General Accounting Office (December 2004)

  • Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (March 2005)

  • State Controller Steve Wesley (January 2004)

  • California State Board of Equalization (January 2004)

  • California Department of Finance

  • Eastern States Working Group (April 2004 and October 2006)

  • New York Tax RAPP (October 2006)

  • New Hampshire (June 2007)

  • Oregon (June 2004)

California Tax Policy Conference, November 1998, “PASS: A 2001 Audit Odyssey”

Sacramento Tax Administrators, August 1998, “PASS: An Overview”

California Tax Policy Conference, November 1993, “Taxation of Intangibles”

Presentations while working in Public Accounting
Money Masters, KFIA, March 1990, “Tax Tips”
1989 Farm Bureau Financial Officers Conference, October 1989, “Proposed Tax Legislation Affecting Exempt Organizations”
Money Masters, KFIA, December 1988, “Year-end Tax Planning Tips”
Society of Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriters, March 1988, “The Impact of the 1986 Tax Reform Act on the Insurance Industry”
California Society of Certified Public Accountants June 1987, “Uniform Capitalization Rules under the 1986 Tax Reform Act”
KFIA Talks, March 1987 and December 1986, “Tax Topics”
California Tonight, Channel 32, December 1986, “The 1986 Tax Reform Act and Year-end Tax Planning”
Various presentations on the 1986 Tax Reform Act, June through December 1986
The Estate Planning Council, September 1984, “Estate Planning Techniques”

Sacramento State Continuing Education, May 1984, “Tax Tips for Small Businesses”

Christ Community Church Women’s Association, January 1984, “What is your Creditability?  An Overview of Credit Laws and Estate Planning Tips”

Sacramento Apartment Owners Association, August 1983, “Tax Advice for Owners of Rental Properties”